Monday, February 13, 2017

Every little bit and more

I worked on the graduation t-shirt quilt this weekend and I am happy with the direction I am going. I loosely did a bit a math to give me a general idea of the pieces I needed to cut from the improv pieced sections. Those sections are made of interfaced t-shirt and Essex cotton/linen.

There was not enough t-shirt fabric in those 7 small t-shirts to do what I wanted. I used the backs and will use the sleeves if I need to in order to use every bit of the shirts. But even that won't be enough fabric so I spent time going thru my t-shirt collection to find shirts that I could cut up and use the backs. There was only one problem - the closet was a mess!
Straightend out - much better!

So after straightening up I found a dark gray, a red, and a black t-shirt I could cut up. I didn't find a medium gray shirt, but I remembered I had a huge gray t-shirt I use to sleep in and it was the perfect color. I cut up all the shirts and ironed on interfacing so they are ready when my order of more Essex navy comes - hopefully today. Here is what the quilt looks like so far and the backs ready for improv cutting and piecing. It doesn't look like much, but since I ran out of the Essex this was all I could do.

I also cleaned off my other design wall and started laying out my pieces for the Chinese Coin quilt. I will be recutting the pieces improv style before sewing them together.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Now that is dedication to design, using the tshirt you sleep in! LOL