Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cookies and fabric

I made snickerdoodles last night for the guys at work.

I was looking for some navy blue fabric for the t-shirt quilt. All I have that would work is a piece that is a little over a yard of Essex which is not enough. I like the Essex because it is about the same weight as the t-shirts once they have been interfaced. I am not about to try and dye dark navy blue fabric for this so I guess I will be buying some.

Here is the pillow case that I will also need to incorporate into the quilt. I already opened it up.

I received a fabric order yesterday. I needed some pink Kona for a project; somehow the picture had disappeared. The color is woodrose. Fabric Depot was having a Groundhog day sale - buy $75.00 and get $25.00 off. What a deal! Then I also got free shipping and didn't have to pay tax. To round out the order I bought a yard of minion fabric

and yellow Kona to remake this quilt that I bought at an auction years ago. The Dresden plates are in pretty good shape, but the rest of the quilt has major issues. I will have to replace a few of the blades in the plates, but that won't be an issue as I have a good stash of vintage fabric. I don't know why I have to save this quilt. I think I can reuse the backing which would be great. The yellow Kona I bought is just a bit darker. They were out of a lighter yellow that I thought was a closer match, but in the bigger scheme of things - does it really matter?


QuiltSwissy said...

LOL! Your worker guys must be fat by now!

Kaja said...

You are a generous baker. That Dresden looks pretty - worth the work to save it.