Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm back

My sister and her husband were visiting this past weekend. on Saturday we decided to go on a food crawl, but we didn't get very far. We first went for Chinese. My BIL and I both like sushi. I forgot to take pictures, but we both had some sushi and he had some Tai food too.

Next we let my sister choose and she wanted Mexican. We each had a beverage and a variety of tasty treats. That's my sister's margarita and I had a peach margarita.

While we were sitting there, the waitress brought us over a free shot of tequila. So we had a toast and did shots. By this time my sister and I was lit. We were full so that was the end of the crawl! We never did get to dessert.

She and my BIL left Sunday after we went out for breakfast.

Monday I found out I would not be working the anniversary sale at Miller's Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio. I was not put on the schedule. I had been working the sale for 18 years. The person running the shop, who does know me, had made the decision, not the owner. I am highly disappointed as I looked forward to this every year. With having a rough day on Friday and finding out I am not wanted at Miller's anymore, I was needing some liquid comfort. I headed to the grocery store after work yesterday.

I am a bit lost right now. I volunteered at the credit union and served on the board of directors for 9 years until re-elections came up and they made sure that it was very clear in my biography that I was now living in Akron 50 miles away. Of course I did not get reelected.
Then the art museum stopped needing volunteers. I dropped everything when I would be called at the last minute when then needed help. I volunteered there for five or six years and they didn't have the decency to at least contact me to tell me I was no longer needed.

Now Miller's. It is just too much.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I know that discouraging feeling, being "thrown away". What it means though is that an opportunity is opening up to rediscover who you are and what you are meant to do (that will be more exciting).

QuiltSwissy said...

Well, you sure loaded up on liquid solace. I have had a bad few weeks as well. Must be the moon cycles or sun spots or something.

We need an art project.........

Don't make me come up there and shake you.

Vicki W said...

Don't take it personally there will be new and better opportunities around the corner!