Friday, May 13, 2016

Fabric, walking, prepping oh my

I received my order from Hancock's of Paducah yesterday. They were have a sale and there were a few things I needed. I am going to make a quilt with Harley t-shirts for the Andrea Torres Memorial Poker Run. Michael's band volunteers to play at the dinner after the run and there are lots of raffles and gift baskets to win. The money goes to different organizations to help women and children. Andrea died in a car accident and her mother heads this event. Her mother is active in the biker community. I thought they could raise a lot of money with a Harley t-shirt quilt. Here is the fabric I got at a really good price that I will use for the back

My friend, Glenda of had sent me two pieces of t-shirt that will be going in the quilt. I think the Baton Rouge shirt will add more interest to the piece along with the crawfish Fleur de lis! I need to have this done by August 20, so I will be on a mission to find Harley shirts for this quilt. I figure I will need 20 - 30 shirts.

I also bought some white flannel for an additional design wall I want to put up. The flannel is 54" wide and it is really nice fabric - almost too nice for a design wall.

Since I bought enough to qualify for the additional 20% off, I picked up a few more minion fabrics. I just love those minions!

I needed to stock up on beverages for the weekend so there was a quick trip to the grocery store at lunch yesterday.

Even though I was extremely tired from lack of sleep the previous night, I forced myself to walk and get the rest of my steps in for the day. Once I got back from that I dug up some small hosta plants for one of the fellows at work. I did not plant these hosta - they just showed up. I filled two buckets with small plants. There must have been a couple dozen plants.

Here are my final numbers for yesterday. I only have 15 more miles to walk to get my next badge for walking 1,600 miles.

This morning I had some extra time so I worked on pin basting the AC/DC piece. I got enough done that I could drop the one leaf after removing the tape just from that section. I will easily finish pin basting tonight and get started on the machine quilting.

Have a great weekend.


Vicki W said...

I'm glad you have your beverages for the weekend stocked!

P. said...

A couple years ago, I was selling used Harley shirts on ebay. One can find quite a few in the thrift stores around here if you keep an eye out. Maybe because we live close to the source of all things H-D. Want to give me an excuse to go thrift shopping more often? They used to be $4.99 but Goodwill must have gotten wind of the resale value and jacked them up to $6.99. At that point, there wasn't enough profit margin left for me when all the work was done to list them, so I quit buying. But I'd be happy to start again, just say the word! :)

QuiltSwissy said...

I guess I wil have to dig up a few more of the Harley's for you! Good, now I will have an excuse to check out the Purple Cow again.