Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend accomplishments

The weekend did not end up like I had planned. I did get the rest of the pouches sewn together, but I didn't get any more cut out.

Friday evening I spent the entire time on the phone with a sister, two brothers, and my son. I had finally received some information in the mail that we had all be waiting on. The information needed to be sorted through so I spent 10 - 12 hours between Saturday and Sunday working on that.

I did get a walk in on Sunday and took more pictures of the neighborhood lights. Nothing says Christmas like a palm tree

or a Christmas tree made with wine bottles

and then the usual lighting displays

On my walk I did find someone had put out this new piece of 4" pipe for the trash man. I remember they had some work done on the house and this piece was leftover. Apparently the new owners didn't have a use for it. I carried it home to use for shibori dyeing.


Vicki W said...

Why that looks like a Festivus pole!

QuiltSwissy said...

Oh yes!!!!!! I often " rummage" through neighbor's trash when we walk at night!