Thursday, December 3, 2015

T-shirt qullt progress

Last night I got all the t-shirts interfaced - yeah! I did some rearranging and I now have a rough idea of what I am doing. That green t-shirt with the guitars hanging to the side - well, I have some plans on how I will work that in.

I starting making a list a few years ago of the t-shirt quilts I have made. As best as I can remember my niece's quilt I finished this past July/August was number 13 so her brother's will be number 14. I don't know why, but I do like making them. The quilts have ranged from wall sized to king size. The one I made myself from my 90's concert t-shirts is a permanent fixture on my bed. I have two more to make by May for graduation presents. I just need to get the t-shirts for the boys from their mothers! I also need to spend some time working on my house so I can hang up my rock t-shirt quilt from the Akron Art Prize competition. I have a good spot to hang it, but the walls need a final sanding and then paint. I unfolded it the other day to show someone and it just made me happy looking at it.

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