Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sewing like crazy

I managed to get my two pieces submitted on-line late Friday for the Farm to Fabric challenge. I won't know until September 5. I did work a bit on getting the facing binding hand sewn on. I have about two feet left to do. I worked on that while I was watching a Dirty Harry movie last evening.

I worked all weekend on machine quilting one of the Halloween quilts. I was quilting along and saw this - yes, a hole in the fabric. Can you see it right under the white W?

Thank goodness the hole was in a corner block which made it much easier to fix. I took the stitches out on either side of the area, cut a piece out and used it for a pattern, cut a new piece and sewed it in. Here is what is looked like after I was done.

I now have 19 out of the 30 blocks quilted.

So far I have gone thru around 2000 yards of thread. I decided to do an overall quilt pattern rather than what I normally would do which is lines. Lines take longer and this quilt is going to get a lot of hard use so why bother put in all the extra time. I did quilt the mostly orange blocks in orange, the mostly green blocks with green thread, and off white for the mostly off white blocks. I need this done for the beginning of October along with the gray and purple Halloween quilt. At the pace I am quilting I will be able to meet my deadline.

I could have got more done on the quilt, but I needed to spend time on Monday doing some cooking. I made vegetable soup and chili so I would have quick meals this week. Throw in making some brown rice for the chili, all the clean up, and a few loads of laundry and that was 4 - 5 hours of my day. I tried to get as much done in the morning since AMC was having a Rambo marathon starting at 12:30 which I watched while quilting.


Vicki W said...

Wow, you got a lot done!

QuiltSwissy said...

Looking good. I have one time accidentally clipped a hole in a block when I was cutting off a stray thread. Not a happy camper!

Love your Happy Halloween quilt!!! One of my favorites!