Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dress is fixed and blocks are sewn

I needed to get my friend's dress fixed so last night I did work on it. It wasn't as bad to fix as I thought. After I got the facing opened up it was just a matter of shortening the strap of the dress by machine, pressing, a bit of trimming, and reattaching the facing by hand. I tore more out on the first strap than I needed to so for the other strap the job went much quicker.

I did get my first two blocks for the Michael Miller challenge quilt sewn. This yellow was not one of the fat eighths they sent me. I wanted to add a few deeper colors. This one is called citrus.

Once I get a few more blocks made I will work on the arrangement. Here is the pile in the meantime. I plan on taking Friday off again so guess what I will be working on!

One nice perk with the Akron Art Prize was an opportunity to get a discount on business cards from I had bought cards from them years ago, but I needed more. They have different sizes and are totally customized. I bought the mini cards and put several different quilts on them. You download your pictures and can crop them any way you want. Even on these small cards I was able to get my email address, blog address, and my name on them. Why the white card? Well, that was a mistake. Somehow the picture (a crop of the Where's Jimmmy? quilt) got lost in transmission. I contacted MOO and they are printing me new cards! Thank you!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I thought the white card must be so sort of genius inspiration I hadn't thought of before!! I was just thinking how smart you were when you said it was a mistake!! LOL