Monday, September 22, 2014

17th finish for 2014

I finished the purple and gray Halloween quilt.

Besides working on the Halloween quilt I spent time this weekend working in the yard. After seeing a show on PBS, I realized I needed to mulch around my pine trees. Three of these trees were free with a mail in coupon. The were just a stick when I got them 10 years ago. I had to replace one two years ago, the one that had the cage around it. I think it got rust. Here they are before.

After three hours crawling around in the wet grass, I got the grass and weeds pulled from under the trees, put down landscaping fabric, and mulched each tree keeping the mulch away from the tree trunks. I don't know it this made them any happier, but they don't have to compete with the grass and weeds for the moisture around their roots. I will have to put the cage back around the small tree to keep anyone cutting thru the yard this winter from stepping on it.

Tonight I have to work on fixing that dress.


Vicki W said...

Love the quilt, especially that it's in untraditional colors. You had a very productive long weekend!

QuiltSwissy said...

That is my favorite quilt of the 17. But I think I say that every time, LOL

I am sure the trees are much happier now that you have shown them some attention. Did you talk to them in Christmassy tones?

Exuberant Color said...

I like your purple and gray combination. It is unexpected for Halloween but a nice backdrop for all of the other colors at that time.