Monday, June 2, 2014

8th finish of 2014

Finally another finish for this year!

I spent time this weekend doing the typical chores - mowing, laundry, dishes, etc, but then I decided to start working on re-doing the studio. I need to paint the ceiling before my brother comes over to install an access door for the new hose bibb he needs to install and before he installed my new lights. I also need to remove this butt ugly wallpaper before I paint the ceiling. I first took all the stuff I had pinned to the 7' wide design wall and then take out the screw holding the panels to the wall. Here is the before and the after

I moved around the room to the right and cleared off the next wall. See the bookcase in the second before picture? It was packed with stuff. I spent some time going thru the stuff, organizing it, relocating some items into another bookcase in the guest room, and recycling a bunch of stuff. The containers of pens/pencils and the parts chest on top of the bookcase went into the fabric storage room for now. Now I need to find a temporary place to keep the bookcase while I remove wallpaper and paint.

I want the sewing room to still be functional as I work on re-doing the studio so I will be tackling it in two phases. I think I can get about 3/4 of the room done for the first phase and then the second phase would be the 8' design wall area.

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Vicki W said...

I should do a sewing room remodel just to make myself clear out some crap!