Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fixing a hole

I didn't do a lot last evening as I am still pretty tired from the weekend although I did get some fabric pressed, did a bit of cleaning, and patched a hole. There was some damage to the ceiling in the guest room when my brother and I tried to get the new closet doors installed. The doors I ordered were the wrong size and the ceiling got damaged when we tried to force them in place.

I sent the doors back to have them cut down. My brother is anxious to try again to install the doors so I needed to get the ceiling fixed.

I sanded then applied spackle. I could not spackle in one step because the hole was too deep and gravity was pulling the material out of the hole. This morning I applied the second coat and the hole is now nicely filled. I will sand and prime the area tonight.

While I was rooting around looking for something else I found this picture that I had forgotten about. My brother, Bob, had got this for me.

I want to put this picture in the same frame with all my Jimmy Buffett tickets, picks, and backstage passes, but it looks like I need a bigger frame. I have a frame that would work, but it is gold so I am going to have to spray paint it either black or silver.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Boy that is an old picture! LOL. Jimmy Buffett, in his book A Pirate Looks at 50, (or close to that), talks about playing in the shipyards when he was a kid in Mississippi on the coast. Those shipyards belonged to my grandmother's family. They logged the pine forests and owned the kiln (in Kiln and Logtown, MS!) that dried the wood for shipment. My grandmother's father and uncle were lost in a strong hurricane off the coast of Cuba as they were bringing sugar back to the US in trade for the wood.

Jimmy may well have known my grandmother's family. One day I would like to ask him!