Friday, February 28, 2014

Border is done and a little heart piece

The border is attached and trimmed so this weekend I can pin baste it. After it is done I will add to my stash of baby quilts that I keep on hand when I need one quickly.

I took 15 minutes to play to complete the February challenge over at Victoria's 15 Minutes to Play blog. Talk about waiting to the last minute! I had this cute heart stamp I stamped on a scrap then added randomly the red and turquoise scraps I found in a bin. I decided it was too plain so I got out the paints and splattered painted it. I now hangs on my design wall where I keep pieces that I have collected from other quilters.

Wee doggie it is cold this morning!

The weather people are calling for snow for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday which could amount from 6 to 18 inches.

I have a haircut appointment early Saturday morning so I hope the snow doesn't start until after that. Other than that I am staying home, working in the studio, and maybe do a bit more cleaning. I would like to get the cleaning done before the weather turns nice, because I want to be outside as much as possible after this winter!

Take care!

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BeckyK said...

Love both the quilt pictures! The heart stamp made the second one perfect!
Our big snow was a little bit of a fizzle (Yeah!), but we, too have cold down south of you. Stay warm!