Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a deal!

Last week Hancock's of Paducah was having free shipping for a couple of days. I went to the clearance section and found these lovely Moda fabrics for $3.99 a yard! The print is for the back of a quilt (5 yards), the orange will be put with the other orange fabrics for my niece's quilt (2 yards) , and the others are just for stash (1 yard of each). I am thinking now I should have bought more!

Last evening I decided to release the daffodils from their plastic prison. I had covered the one large planting bed with both black and clear plastic sheeting to try and kill some of the weeds that took over the bed last year. I was unable to keep up with the weeding due to still recovering from surgery and the horrible heat we had. I had dug up some of the bulbs, but apparently there were a lot more that were left in the ground. I think the plastic caused a greenhouse effect since they were under the clear plastic. I kept seeing this areas bubble up and wondered what was going on. Here the daffodils were growing like crazy so I cut the plastic and now they can feel the sunshine directly. It is still cold, but they are tuff.

Look at the color of the daffodils that were under the black plastic - they are in the upper left hand corner and bright yellow. Crazy hun? I will keep watching them to see if they turn green since they now have sunshine on them.

The appraiser person is coming today. Let's hope my nightmare will be over.

I spent last evening working on a few more samples for my improv demonstration tonight. I will just have to pack up my stuff as soon as I get home after work, deal with the appraiser, and then I will be out the door to the Akron MQG meeting.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Fingers Crossed! Toes crossed. Bassets crossed!

Love your new is good!