Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too tired to think!

Last evening I needed to grout around the light switch boxes and the heat vent so Mike could install today. Done.

I needed a small distraction from the bathroom so last night I worked on this too. When I bought this house there was an ugly cupboard in this alcove. I ripped it out and when the guys built the wall for the master bedroom entry the wall levels were not the same.

Here you can see the difference between the wall surfaces.

It finally dawned on me after years of thinking about this that the solution would be to add a layer of drywall. Duh! More screws are needed - Mike will help me out there - and then some tape and mud and the wall will be even. I will add a shelf and use this for display.

I located the mirror frames and some spray paint. I salvaged the doors from the medicine cabinets that were in the lower level bathroon and with a little spray paint and hangers they will become the mirrors for the new master bathroom. I am not sure if I want the frames white or black, so I thought I would go with white first and see how that looks. If I don't like the white, then I will paint them black. I figure it would be easier to cover the white with black than black with white.

My mortage guy is placing the order today for the apprasier to come back and verify that I installed a working bathroom. They probably won't come until next week so I can finish grouting this weekend and hang the mirrors.

Tomorrow I am going on a road trip with Peg. We are catching the bus hired by the quilt shop to go to the Quilting and Sewing Expo in Cleveland. This will be a welcomed break!

I did get my order from Hancock's yesterday. I bought the fish fabric for the back of the Jimmy Buffet inspired baby quilt. Oh, did you forget about that one? I didn't! I will be glad to get back to working on it and finishing it! Hancock's is running a free shipping promotion right now so guess what? I just had to buy some sale fabric for the back of another planned quilt, some orange fabric for that quilt for my niece, and a couple pieces of tone on tone for baby quilts.

Have a great weekend!


QuiltSwissy said...

That is an interesting alcove you have there. You have worked so hard you deserve a day for quilt stuff!

take pictures!


QuiltSwissy said...

I just saw you on a Home Depot commercial! You were redoing your bathroom right there on the big screen!!!!!