Friday, March 15, 2013

Tiling progress

This was end of day Wednesday

and this is the wall as of last night's tiling. I find that I am getting less adhesive on me! I had a bit of an issue with the sheets of tile not all being the same size - you would think they all would be the same size, but they are not. I opened a different box and found some that were a bit smaller than the two I first used last night and then the tiling went much quicker. See, I learned something new!

At lunch yesterday I went to the Home Depot for more supplies for the bathroom. I bought four boxes of grout, grout sealer, grout caulk, roller covers, and washers to level out the vanity. I think I bought more grout than I need, but when I am grouting on Sunday I don't want to run out and I can take back any unopened boxes. After talking to my brother yesterday I will have to make one more trip to Home Depot to buy some plumbing parts for the drain hookup and maybe longer flex line for the faucet. I don't know a lot about plumbing, but I guess I will learn now!

Updated schedule:
3/14 – Thursday – tiling
3/15 – Friday – work at the museum
3/16 – Saturday –
• Morning - sand and spot prime ceiling
• Install casing around door
• Tile between painting and casing until it is done! 10 - 13 hours total
• Afternoon – final coat of paint on ceiling
3/17 – Sunday
• Grout - 5 - 6 hours
• Paint trim on mirrors
3/18- Monday
• I will pick up countertop after work
3/19 – Tuesday
• Set vanity
• Set countertop
• Set sinks
• Set toilet
• Hook up sink faucets and shower faucets
Remaining items – Tuesday and/or Thursday
• Install switches
• Install sconces
• Install drawers – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on vanity – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on cabinet – last on list – not need for functionality

Have a great weekend!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I hope you are having a productive day! I did not!