Monday, March 4, 2013

The good, the bad, the ugly

The good is that I managed to tile my bathroom floor on Saturday! This is the first time I ever used a tile saw and install a tile floor. I have watched my brothers install floors at my houses and I have seen it done on TV, but my brothers never let me do anything but be the grunt runner and they would do all the cutting and installing. Between layout, precutting tile, morter mixing, cleanup and installing it took me 9 1/2 hours between Friday night and Saturday to get this done. My legs, abs, and behind hurt so bad!

I couldn't grout on Sunday because the morter was still not rock hard so I will grout after my brother and I get done working in the bathroom tomorrow. Yes, Mike is coming over for a long workday tomorrow so I have to get my energy back for tomorrow. By 5 pm on Sunday the soreness in my legs, and behind went away so I am feeling pretty good today. I can still feel it in my abs, but it is minor.

Saturday Michael played at the Battle of the Bands as the featured act and did not compete. The crowd love it and gave the band a standing O.

The bad - well, I used my drill to mix the morter for the floor and it was a mess! I will never do that again. I will spend the extra money and buy the premixed morter. I ended up burning up my beloved 25 year old Dewalt drill. Here is his replacement

So here is the ugly - my poor drill

I had to go shopping for all the stuff we needed for the bathroom finish. Another pile of stuff to go into the master bedroom, but at least I got to clear out the floor tile!

I did get my order from and I am very happy with buying fabric! They had a great deal on a bunch of Holloween fabric so I decided I need to make a quilt for my brother, Mike, who was born on Holloween.


Vicki W said...

Nice tile work!

upstateLisa said...

looking good! Halloween?!! I am looking forward to spring! LOL

QuiltSwissy said...

I think you deserved to get fabric for yourself for all the work you have done in the last few days. Bath is looking great. Bah humbug to the mortgage company!!!!!