Thursday, March 14, 2013

Practice, practice, practice

Last night I felt so good I had the energy to get some tiling done after work. I find that I am getting so much better at getting the mastic on the walls and getting the right amount so that the mastic doesn't squeeze out between the tiles. Here is the before shot of the west wall. You can just see what was already installed at the tub. See that little orange area next to the tub? That is where I needed to start last night's tiling.

Here is the after shot of what I accomplished. It doesn't look like much, but it took me a half hour to get the mastic on just right, buttering the edges of the backer board next to the tub and the previous installed tile and cutting the tile to fit at the tub edge, before I could install the first partial sheet of tile.

I have worked out a schedule and if Mike can help me and we stick to the schedule the bathroom will be functionally done by end of day next Thursday! I will still need to take the door off, change the hinges, change the door handle, paint it, and add a shower door panel, but that is minor. Here is my schedule. I am still waiting to here from Mike. I sure hope he is available next week!

3/14 – Thursday – tiling
3/15 – Friday – work at the museum
3/16 – Saturday –
• Morning - sand and spot prime ceiling
• Install casing around door (it came Tuesday!)
• Tile between painting and casing until it is done!
• Afternoon – final coat of paint on ceiling
3/17 – Sunday
• Grout
• Paint trim on mirrors
3/18- Monday
• I will pick up countertop after work
3/19 – Tuesday
• Set vanity
• Set countertop
• Set sinks
• Set toilet
• Hook up sink faucets and shower faucets
Remaining items – Tuesday and/or Thursday
• Install switches
• Install sconces
• Install drawers – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on vanity – last on list – not needed for functionality
• Install doors on cabinet – last on list – not need for functionality

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Wednesday - 3/20 - Crash!