Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let the wall tiling begin

First thing Mike and I did was sit down and have some hot from the oven homemade rolls as we discussed our work plan for the day.

Then it was onto installing the waterproofing material. We had a lot of issues installing this. The mortor was drying fast so the material would not stick. I was thinking about it last night and I think I figured out what we did wrong. It is water under the bridge now, so move on to tiling.

Mike and I got the large wall tiled. It is somewhat fussy work to get those little tiles which are on a mesh backing lined up, but I like the way this is looking.

After Mike left and I rested a bit I installed half the tile another wall in the shower area. I finally quit at 7:15, cleaned up and went to bed. I was tired. Tonight I will try and get the rest of this wall done. Little by little ...

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