Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy three days

Friday I went to the IX center in Cleveland for the Quiltng and Sewing Expo. It was ok. I think they could make the show a lot better with more exhibits and vendors. The quilting fabric was on the expensive side - $11 to $27 at yard. I found some African dutch wax that was $29 at yard. Lets just say it did not come home with me. I did get to see Victoria Findley Wolf's quilts from 15 Minutes of Play. Here is what I bought - one large spool of thread, a Holloween fabric, some vintage fabric with hot air ballons (2 yards for $6.00!) and some overpriced cookies.

I was pretty tired on Saturday, but I did wash all my latest purchases of fabric. I went to a birthday party for my dad, which was an hour drive. I went with my brother, sister-in-law and Michael - no sense in me driving by myself. After dinner everyone (10 of us) went over to the bowling alley where my son works. I needed to drop off some pans and a quilt. The kids wanted to bowl so they bowled one game and had a great time. This was not planned, but everyone including my dad had a good time.

Sunday I worked on my improv piecing demo for quilt group this week and it felt so good to sit and doing some sewing. Then it was back to the bathroon. I grounted and worked on some other details. The bathroom is now 100% functional, so now it is just getting that appraisal woman. She left a message on my phone that she would be at the house between 12 and 12:30 to look at the bathroom and she needed access to the property. This was a good time for her since she would be in the area. WTF?!!! It is not a good time for me! I will be at work. I have left her two messages and have not heard from her. She needs to be reminded that I am the customer. Here are a couple of shots of where I am with the bathroom.

Here are my poor hands. The grout is literally taking the skin off my hands and my hands are swollen and ache. Thanks goodness for my Mango Butter Goat Milk cream that I get from Rose of Sharon Acres! The cream really helps, but I am going to have to keep my hands out of water as much as possible for the next few days.


cindi said...

The progress on your bathroom is amazing. It's looking really good. I have noticed that you have mentioned african fabrics several times. I live in Siler City,NC and in Pittsboro, which is right next door, there is a shop called the french connections. They have some amazing african fabrics. The have one called Schewewe( not sure about the spelling)that are amazing. I am collecting those. They have a great website and will ship. They also have travelled to quilt shows all over. Thought you might be interested.

QuiltSwissy said...

Go ahead, say it......#@!%$*&^%$@#

But on the upside, your purchases, even the expensive cookies, look wonderful! I guess they can go along with my expensive granola. Do you know how much it costs to MAKE granola?