Monday, March 11, 2013

Beer and tiling

Friday night after work I went directly to the art museum and helped pour beer for the Art & Ale event. It was packed and the food was great! There were sliders, hand crafted cheese (so good), bite sized cupcakes, popcorn, wraps, and saled carmels. I was pooped out after standing on concrete for four hours, but I had a fun time talking to everyone.

Sunday was all about tiling the rest of the shower area. I finished the one wall and tiled the faucet wall. I was so lucky that all I had to do was cut out full tiles to fit around the openings for the faucet, shower head, and the valve. I have spreading adhesive down to a science. A professional tile guy would be horrified, but it works for me. I am so glad it was in the low 60's yesterday, because I could open the windows. The tile adhesive is so stinky! With the windows opened all night the fumes didn't bother me sleeping last night - just the aches!

Here is the floor grouted. It took me a little over an hour to do this including clean up. I will need to wash the floor down one more time to get the haze off, but I am really happy with how it looks. With the floor grouted the bathroom is starting look like I am getting something done.

All this week my efforts will be in tiling the rest of the walls and starting the grout. I do need to hem a pair of pants and put a label on a quilt, but that will be about all the sewing that will get done.

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QuiltSwissy said...

That mortgage guy should be jealous about now? The bath looks great.