Friday, February 8, 2013

Those boxes are heavy!

I hauled 15 boxes to the basement storage room yesterday so I was too tired from womanhandling those boxes to sew last evening. I bet some of those boxes weigh at least 50 pounds. See how packed they are?

The upstairs storage room is getting empty! Here is what it looks like today. Yes, I have two boxes on the orange cart ready to take down. Besides this boxes in this room I have been moving files from the file cabinets and taking them directly downstairs. The storage room was for jobs that had not been closed out. More than you wanted to know hun?

I may spend some time this weekend dyeing this cotton yarn. I would like to knit some scarves. I will have to rewind them into hanks, but I have a nifty winder thing my dad made that I plan on using to accomplish this task. I will post pics on Monday if it all falls into place.

The rest of the weekend will be about working on my tea towel quilt. I made my first purchase of fabric this year and I bought a piece that I think I would like to use in the next border. I don't know if it will come today in the mail - today. Let's hope it does or I will have to change my plans.

All of you on the east coast take care! The weather people are saying you are in for snow that will be measured by the foot! Here in Ohio it is raining which I will take any day over that much snow.

Have a great weekend!

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