Monday, February 4, 2013

Progress on the tea towel challange quilt

I did no home improvement work this weekend! I took the weekend off to work on my medallion tea towel challange quilt for the 15 minutes to play blog. The piece right now is 56" wide and 51" high. I will work on changing the size of the piece so it is taller than it is wide - more the norm for a quilt! I improv pieced the triangles as well as the striped border.

The fabric hanging at the left will be the next round for this medallion style quilt. Right now the plan is to make either 4 or nine patch blocks and assemble them into a checkerboard pattern. It was a good weekend to stay inside and sew as it was cold and it snowed all day Saturday.

1 comment:

QuiltSwissy said...

Looking great! I can't wait to see all the tea towels made up.

Thanks for the wall paper sample it came today!! I am liking it a lot!