Friday, February 15, 2013

Progress on the Buffet quilt

I know the quilt doesn't look much different, but I sewed together all the rows last evening. This weekend I will sew the rest of the rows together the trim it to size. I need to add one more fabric at the bottom yet and add something to the lower right corner. The quilt looks so big, but once I trim the uneven edges it will reduce in size quickly!

I got an email from my mortage guy and he submitted my comments and pictures to the appraisal company for review and asked them to remove their remark that the bathroom needed to be done before the loan is granted. In the meantime, I will make a serious effort to work on the bathroom this weekend. My list includes sanding the ceiling (oh, I hate that job!), priming and painting the ceiling, cutting the drywall out at the window, pulling the window trim to prime and paint it and hopefully reinstall it this weekend, cut out the hole for the inset wall cabinet and add a piece of 2 x 4 to support the cabinet in the wall, and possibly start on the floor tile. Of course I will be taking lots of before and after shots which I will post here and send to my mortage guy so he knows I am serious.

When I can't find anything to do in the bathroom (ha ha ha!) I want to get the Buffet quilt sewn together. THe baby is not due until May so I have plenty of time to get it done - well at least I think I do. I looked at what I have on my calendar for March and it is going to be a busy month so I might not have as much time as I think. We will see.

Have a great weekend!

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