Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pincushion is done

I finsihed my pincushion last evening and here is the back. I will post pictures of all the pincushions tomorrow. I took a nod from Victoria G, The Silly BooDilly and closed my back in the center rather than at the side and added some x's with the linen thread. I didn't want to toss the extra lenght of thread so I added some running stitches for fun and then a label.

If you haven't been to Victoria blog, you need to. She is a highly skilled craftperson in several different fields. Right now she is into weaving and she also has an etsy shop.

My brother is coming over tomorrow to work on the bathroom. I think what we are going to do is just do the bare minimum to make the bathroom functional to apease the stupid Rels appraser. Yes, I am naming names and I don't care - don't jerk me around! The floor will be the lovely plywood underlayment and the walls will not be tiled, but there will be taps on the tub, one sink (I will be putting in two eventually) and the toilet is already working. We will install the vent fan which we are ready for anyway since the ceiling is painted, install the sconces at the vanity, and install light switches and covers. After the appraiser comes back to see the bathroom is "functional", my brother and I will then take it back apart and finish it they way it is suppose to be. This is just stupid. Not having a second functioning to them is a marketability issue. I am not selling the house! Those people are just idiots! Don't ever let a mortgage company use Rels Appraisers!


QuiltSwissy said...

(eyes squeezed tight) I hope you pass, I hope you pass , I hope you pass..........

Victoria said...

Thanks patty for the shout out, that was so sweet of you. Good job on the pincushion! Best of luck with your house project,sounds like a bit of a headache... hope it all goes well!!