Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little by little ...

I am getting the checkerboard/nine patch border ready to attach to the previous border. I sewed together the top and bottom borders. I decided to recut some of the pieces for the sides as some of the pieced were a bit narrow. I think it now looks better. I will sew the border on tonight and then figure out what will be next.

At work I am busy again moving file boxes to the basement storage room. Darn those boxes full of paper get heavy! Here is the upstairs storage room right now. We will be moving out of the office we are in right now by Sept. 30 so I want to get as much moved downstairs as possible before the big push to move comes in September. There are a bunch of other files and drawings that belong to other projects that will have to be moved out of the building and cannot be stored downstairs. I have a feeling that stuff is going to sit until the last minute and I am going to be stuck helping move that crap stuff. I mentioned it to the people who the stuff belongs to, but I didn't get any sense of urgency to deal with the piles.

You can see there is empty space on the shelves as I had moved 6 boxes downstairs already this week.

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