Monday, February 11, 2013

Another project started

This weekend I decided to first dye the six skeins of cotton yarn.

I used the winder thingy that my dad made and gave to me last Xmas to change the balls into hanks.

After dyeing and when the yarn was dry, I wound it from hanks back into balls. The hardest part was waiting for the yarn to dry. I didn't let the pink and yellow/turquoise batch as long as I should have - they came out rather light, but they are still pretty. I am mailing the pink to my sister in Georgia. She has been making scarves to sell and using the money to go on church missionary trips to visit the child she sponsors. She now sponsoring a child in Eucuador which she went and visited in September (remember the quilt for Victor?) and she is now sponoring a child in Thailand and is now saving money and selling knitted scarves to raise money for that trip. I may send her the yellow and turquoise yarn also.

Next I sewed the checkerboard borders on the medallion tea towel quilt. I didn't work on the next border since I was waiting for some fabric I bought to arrive to see if I want to use it in the next border.

So in the meantime, I decided to work on a Jimmy Buffet inspired baby quilt for some friends. I decided to try and make the wackyiest zig zag quilt so every zig zag is a different fabric which includes parrots, flamingos, sharks, guitars, music, manatees, and pirate skull and cross bones. I got the upper section sewn together but came to a stand still as I am waiting for one more fabric to arrive - cheese burgers of course! I had to clear off my other design wall and it is a squeeze working between it and my big table. I just realized I don't have the sections lines up correctly, but you get the drift!

I am crossing my fingers that my fabric order arrives today so I can continue to work on these two projects.


QuiltSwissy said...

Cheeseburgers in Paradise! LOL. Love that baby quilt. I saw one like this with no plain white in between to make it sedate and thought......why didn't I think of that????

Love the way your tea towel is coming out. I am dying to make one, in my copious free time! LOL.

DanaJ said...

I'm really digging the tea towel quilt.

It's dynamic.
So strange, cuz really, normally I'd run in the opposite direction from those colors.
So strange.