Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wedding quilt - getting back my rhythm

Yesterday I talked about the place that I stopped at on my walks at the towpath. Here is the place I stopped - under a bridge looking at a bend in the path.

Just a few more yards and it looks like this

About 30 yards more is the 1 1/4 mile marker. On my way back I took a picture of the waterfall. It was a beautiful day.

I received my package from yesterday. It was the music fabric I had my eye on for a long time. It was almost 30 percent off and I needed to restock my music fabric stash after making two large quilts in the last few months. I bought 4 yards of music fabric Timeless Treasure and I bought 2 yerds of the skull and crossbones fabric which is one of's 100 percent cotton premier twill prints. The skull fabric is more textured and very wide. I think I can still use it in a quilt, but I may make a bag out of it.

I was so tired last evening I didn't do much. I did finally gather up the strength to start back on quilting the wedding quilt. I only got part of a block done, but it was just the act of getting back to the rhythm of quilting again.

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