Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More raw materials

Oh you thought the fabric I bought at Charm would be enough raw materials, but NOOOOOOO! My friend on Friday brought me this

Yes, that is at least my fifth or sixth 40 yard bolt of batting. My friend got it for me at cost so it was a great deal! I was down to only a couple of yards left from my last bolt so I am getting this just in time.

Next, my music fabric that I had ordered from Hancock's arrived Friday when I was at Charm. The had some music fabric "Good Vibrations" for five and six dollars a yard plus a couple of skull and crossbone pieces that I just love (great for "metal" quilts). Here is the 18 yards fabric I bought.

I will get that washed and on the shelf with the other music fabric and I will have plenty to work with when I have to make more music themed quilts. So between Charm and Hancock's I have added 50 yards to my stash. I think that will be enough for awhile!

While I was straightening up in the fabric storage room I gathered up the fabrics and interfacing for my niece's graduation t-shirt quilt. She loves orange - always has.

On my walk last Thursday I saw a wooley bear. Yes, you have to look where you walk on the towpath this time of year. One of my co-workers and I walked yesterday. I decided to go back to the car and get the unbrella just in case it would rain and by golly it did. So glad I made the decision to go back and get it.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Never thought about buying the batting by the bolt. Hmmm.

glen: we have not seen the wooleys yet, but they are coming!