Friday, October 26, 2012

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in ...

I didn't realize until late yesterday that I had a blister on both of my little toes. I didn't walk at lunch because it was too hot - 81 degrees - and my toes hurt. I was going to walk to the library after work, but my toes still hurt. Since the weather was so nice I decided I needed to investigate a place in my poured foundation for a hole/crack. On the inside I was seeing this grit on the floor

Here is the same area after I vacuumed up the grit

So I gathered up some tools and headed outside. You see the gray vertical line? That is where I filled in the crack, but I did not dig below grade and that is where I found a 1/4" gap.

I dug down to where there was no gap and then sprayed the crack with this black stinky goop to fill the crack. I forgot to take a picture before I started spraying, but here is the crack all filled.

I filled the hole I dug back in and graded the soil so that any water would run downhill. I will keep watching to make sure that I get no more grit inside. No more grit then I will declare that problem solved.

After fixing the hole I took off my shoes and sock and slapped some Neosporin + pain relief on my hurting toes. I didn't wrap them - I thought maybe they just needed to dry out a bit and needed to have the air get at them. They felt a lot better this morning, so I put more Neosporin on them and wrapped them with my foam tape. They feel pretty good right now.

One of my quilting friends stopped by the office yesterday and brought me the Mettler quilting thread I had ordered from her. I needed this so bad! I had run out of natural colored thread and I needed this to finish the wedding quilt.

She also brought me some 1/4 yard pieces of fabric - yeah! The yellow and gray swirly piece will be going into my gray and yellow quilt.

Tonight I am working at the art museum for a new exhibit that is opening - Adolph Gottlieb and new works by Brent Kee Young and Sungsoo Kim. It is sculpture and glass pieces.
Tomorrow I am going to Pittsburg to see my brother and Bruce Springsteen. I will be riding with another brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew, Michael, the musician. We will drop off Michael so he can hang out with his uncle and get the behind the scenes education during sound check. My brother, sister-in-law and I will then find something to do for a few hours. I have spent some time in Pittsburg so I know my way around a bit. It is an easy town to get around in as long as you are not walking uphill! It would be too much for my brother for all of us to be back stage and it is more important for Michael to see what goes on.

So Sunday I will have to recover and maybe I will get a couple blocks on the wedding quilt done.

Have a great weekend!


QuiltSwissy said...

Sorry aobut your toes. You may need to look into some boot socks. They have extra padding around the bottom of the foot extending up the side of the foot about 1/2 inch or so.

They are made for workers who are on their feet all day in those work boots. I use them in my tennis shoes for walking with the dogs and on hikes with the hiking club.

The ones from Smart Wool are expensive, but unless a certain unnamed dog gets them they will last a long long time and be oh so comfortable.


DanaJ said...

Is the title of this post a musical clue to the recipient of that last quilt you shipped to California?