Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another job done

When I got home from work it was so nice outside I decided to go for a bike ride. An hour and six minutes and 9 miles later I was done with my ride. There were a lot of uphill grades which right now I am pretty slow at climbing. The fellow that delivers our copier paper is a avid bike rider and he got me educated on how to use my gears so climbing those grades is going a lot easier.

After my ride I sat down and sewed the labels on the four baby quilt. A good job done as my mother would have said.

I think since I am not eating my sweets anymore I am substituting the cravings and urges into buying fabric. The fabric buying gets my mind off of how much I miss my sweets. I started a list of all the sweets I miss and when I get back from the wedding in December I plan on indulging! Here are some fabrics I have recently purchased.

These are from The

The Go boys Go will be for pillowcases for my nephews for Xmas, the peace sign fabric may go into a pillowcase for the nephew that play guitar (he had an old vintage soul), the blue newsprint goes with some other blues I already have for baby quilts, and the Ty Pennington orange spice - well I just like it and I may use it in the T-shirt quilt I need to make for my niece.

I bought these from Hawthorne Threads.

Here are some Jay McCarroll fabrics I just had to have. The two pieces on the right are from the Center City collection, the next one to the left is from his Habitat collection, and the gray and yellow fabric is a Timeless Treasure print. The piece on the far right I bought to back a red and yellow quilt I am going to make, but I will have to see if it will work or not. The color was different than what it looked like on my computer. The yellow had got a green cast and the red has an orange cast. I still love it!

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QuiltSwissy said...

I say instead of buying all that chocolate and using the money for fabric is a right smart idea!

Good mileage on the bike. We don't generally have hills here, so we can easily make 12 or 15 miles before coming home. But we lost our bike riding buddies so I am not sure how much we will ride this winter.

I love riding. Glad you do too!