Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blocks, mini-T quilt, duck, linen piece, MQA

Lots to report today so let us get started.

The bowtie and 9 patch vintage blocks are going to Charlene S. She said she would give them a good home. Thanks Charlene!

Here is the mini T-quilt using the paper pieced block. I have no idea why on earth I made so many blocks! This piece is 12 1/2" x 16 3/4" an just sits in a closet. Maybe I should call it a mug rug and use it. It is hand quilted and I made it in 2001.

Between the janitor and I, we figured out the local skunk destroyed the duck nest. Oh well, she has time to start over and find a safer place to raise her brood.

I have all the blue fabric in the linen piece quilted. Yes, I have no fear! None of this starting in the middle and working my way out!

I did a search the other day on the Modern Quilt Guild site and low and behold someone started a group in Akron, Ohio! Yeah! It must have just started because there was not much history on their web page. It looked like they have had only one meeting. The next meeting is April 25 and yours truly will be attending.

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