Monday, April 23, 2012

8th finish of 2012

The weekend flew by as I knew it would, but I did get some stuff done. The 8th finish for 2012 was delivered to the baby's mother and she was thrilled with it. I got numerous thank you's and several hugs. That is why I do what I do.

I got the backs pieced and now all 5 of the baby quilts are pin basted. Here they are laying on the bed in Peg's room.

I had posted a picture on April 16 of my scrap pile of backing fabric that I planned on using for the backs of these quilts. I wanted to use up these perfectly good pieces. Here is the before pile:

and the after pile:

The pile does look a bit smaller although with the after pile stacked neater I could be kidding myself! It does feel good to use up the smaller pieces and not let them go to waste.

Sunday night's fundraiser that my nephew's new band played at was a success. The woman who the fundrasier was for had lost her job and then diagnosed with breast cancer. So no insurance and two young kids and single. What a hand to be dealt. She has found a new job, but still no insurance. Check out the sign "Big or small save 'em all!".

I hung the linen piece up at work this morning. It is 42 1/2" wide and 41 1/2" high. I wish I could paint the wall like they do at the art museum for each exhibit. The dirty patched wall is a little distracting. So far everyone that has walked in has noticed that I changed the piece from what was hanging there before.

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Rayna said...

I LOVE this abstract piece!! And your color choices are wonderfully offbeat. They work so well together.