Friday, April 29, 2011

Babies and quilts

I love when I get a picture of a baby on a quilt of mine. This is Sabina.

I am putting together my process tutorial for free motion quilting for Monday's post. I was going to do that today, but there are some pictures I would like to include that I need to take.

This weekend will be alterations and quilting the aqua improv quilt. I may go and see my nephew's band play on Saturday. They only play for an hour, but I know my brother will need help packing up all the gear. It takes him several hours to get all the equipment set up. Hardly worth it for only an hour show, but the exposure is alway important.

Have a great weekend.


Daintytime said...

I agree babies and quilts naturally go together. Their fresh little minds love the patterns!

Janet said...

Please check out my post for April 30th. I've given you an award.

Hope you enjoy it.