Monday, July 6, 2015

Quilting, TDF, and mowing OH my!

I spent the majority of my three day weekend quilting the teal and purple quilt and the quilting is done! The blocks in the center took a bit more time to quilt as I had to wrestle with the bulk of the quilt a lot more. I also got the binding cut. Once I get the binding done I will post a full view picture of this quilt.

The Tour de France (TDF) started in the Netherlands on Saturday so I was up early to watch. Saturday was the individual time trial and here is my man, Peter Sagan, waiting for his turn on the course.

On Sunday the tour was still in the Netherlands and finished up on the northern coast of the country on the North Sea. Wow, the scenery makes me want to go to the Netherlands!

Right now Fabian Cancellara, Spartacus (his nickname), is in the yellow.

Andre Greipel, the Gorilla, is in the green sprint point jersey, but my man Peter is second.

And after only two days of racing Peter is also second in the white jersey for the best young rider under 26.

I made sure I took the time to go for a walk everyday this past weekend to get my steps in even though it was hard to tear myself away from the sewing machine. Last night I killed to birds with one stone and finished getting my steps in with mowing. It took me and hour and a half to get the entire yard mowed and I was drenched. The forecast is calling for rain almost every day this upcoming week so I needed to get this job done sooner than later. So far for July I have gotten at least 10,000 steps a day. It is going to take some focus on my part to keep this up with three gigs this month, watching the TDF, and my job. We will see how it goes!

I did start a new project yesterday afternoon after I finished quilting the teal and purple quilt. I will post that tomorrow.


Vicki W said...

I was doing really well with my exercise until I slammed my toe in the bed leg. I'm certain it is broken and there's nothing to do about it until it heals some. Annoying.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You can do it! 10K a Day! I have done it every day except yesterday and that is only because I forgot to put my bracelet on after it charged for the night. I ended up with only 875 steps by the time we left for our dog walk at 10:30 pm. Darn, I was ticked at myself for forgetting.

I saw the TDF on one of the channels and thought, I'll bet Patty is watching!

Can't wait to see the quilt in it full glory!