Thursday, July 23, 2015

Progress on the t-shirt quilt

Last evening was busy! Watched Stage 17 of the TDF, did a load of laundry, mowed and trimmed the front lawn, and worked on the t-shirt quilt. I put some stitching on the U2 t-shirt and sewed on the R.E.M. patch. I wish I had more patches. They add an extra layer to the piece. I have a Uhriah Heep patch that will go somewhere on this piece. I don't remember how I acquired it, but I have had it squirreled away for years. I have checked on-line and patches can get expensive!

My man Peter is still in the green jersey and he now have enough points to win the competition. He won't be slacking off just because no one else can beat him - that is not how he is made. He can at least concentrate on getting thru the next three mountain stages and try to save a bit of energy for the sprint on the Champs de Elysee on Sunday.

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