Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Screen panel and SNOW!

At lunch yesterday I cut out all the parts I needed for the screen panels. I wasn't real ambitious last evening and only got one of the two screen panels constructed. Once I find out what size PVC pipe my brother is going to use to make the screen frames, I will add some hold down Velcro straps to the sides. No it won't be windy inside, but when we use this screen next summer at outdoor venues we will be ready.

I used two layers of screen for the window - one was just not enough. Then I was having trouble getting a needle thru this fabric. I think I should have bought the lighter weight fabric. I used a regular sewing needle and it worked for awhile but then it just wouldn't go thru the fabric. Next I tried a topstitching needled. Again it worked for awhile. Then I tried a Jeans needle and eureka! It worked like a charm! This fabric has a nap on one side. I am not hemming the sides; the salvage edge is nice a sturdy. I put a double 4 1/2" hem in to add a bit of weight to the panel and if I ever need to alter it and make it longer. The fabric doesn't fray so all I am doing is folding over the edges and using a triple stitch zig zag to sew the edges around the window opening. At the top I folded it over, zig zagged, and then added the loop side of Velcro. The PVC frame will have the hook side so installation will be quick and easy!

Yes, it snowed last night! It stuck to the grass and a little to the streets, but it will be gone as soon as the sun shines. My poor ornamental grass (that is the round area on the right side on the picture) got weighted down by the freezing rain and squashed with the wet snow. I will take another picture of it when it pops back up after the snow is gone.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Fascinating to hear about the progress on the screen panels.

The front that sent you snow will hit here about 3 pm today sending temps down to below freezing tonight. We expect too get to 31 or so.

That is Swissy Weather! Bassets will huddle tight under quilts! silly dogs.