Thursday, November 21, 2013

MQG meeting and the start of the pink flannel zig zag quilt

I wanted to get to The Little Red Quilt House where we were having our MQG meeting this month before dark, but that did not happen. It was pitch black at 5:30! The shop owner wondered why I was there so early - I thought that to be strange, but anyway... Only one other member showed up, June. Yes, it was just the two of us. I showed June Justin's quilt and we had a nice conversation before the owner did her presentation on some tips and tricks. I did learn a couple of things that will be worth sharing with my blog readers. I will have to make samples up and take some pictures for you. Here is a picture of one half of the shop

I am very sadden that the Akron MQG has crashed and burned. The number of people over the last year showing up for meetings has dwindled down to less than 10. I wonder why? This quilt shop was off the beaten path so maybe it was just too far out for some members. We will wait and see what happens next year.

Here is some fabric I bought the other day from They had an extra 20% off coupon so I used it on the clearance fabric. I plan on using the palm tree fabric with the black background is for backing a piece I will be working on this winter and the large leaf stylized print will be used in the front of the same piece. The other fabric was just a good deal and of course if you spend $35.00 you get free shipping. They had a sale yesterday with an animal print theme and there were a couple of pieces I wanted for this piece I will be working on. One of the prints they just got in so I placed another order yesterday. Darn them for having such good sales!

Despite feeling lousy (on Tuesday I could feel a cold coming on. Today I am the sneezing and blowing my nose every 5 minutes stage), but I still had some extra time before work so I whipped out a few zig zag blocks for the pink and lavender flannel quilt for my sister Kathy. I only have a couple of strips of the plaid fabric and since it was already cut to 4" wide strips, that is the size I am going to use for this quilt. The blocks will be 7 1/2" and for a large flannel quilt I think that will be perfect.

I did firm up my next presentation to a quilt group for next April. They usually have 50 members show for meetings so that will a fun group to talk to! I may have to make up some more examples. I won't have my brother Halloween quilt to show how I used the triangles, so I may have to make something else up.

I am suppose to teach a workshop at the Akron Art Museum in February. I still not sure if it will be improv piecing or T-shirt quilts.

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snarkyquilter said...

I don't know what happened to the MQG. You and I have done programs which seemed well received, but many of the folks who showed up at the beginning have dropped out. Unless someone decides to coordinate the group I think it's gone. I had hoped some of the younger members would take it on, but no dice.