Monday, September 24, 2012

Piano quilt report and a challenging weekend

I managed to get 13 out of 30 blocks quilted and about 75% of the border quilted this weekend.
Here is the back. You can see the lines quilted in the block and the border is done in meandering. I still have the accent centers of each block to quilt.
I would have gotten more quilted if my car didn't have a mechanical issue. I was on my way to the grocery (Marc's) on Friday and to take my half day vacation, Well, I heard a big clunk. I knew exactly what it was, because it happened almost two years ago to the driver's side - the strut broke on the passenger side rear. It took me about a half an hour driving really slow thru lunchtime traffic to limp the car 6 miles to the dealership. I tried to be considerate by pulling over to the side of the road when I could with my hazzard lites flashing waving people around when I could. I think I only pissed off one guy, but he was being an a**hole so I paid him no mine. The dealership took me home and now I had to regroup. I wanted to get some more chicken while it was on sale so I walked a mile and a half to Acme. I bought four packs of chicken. They have these nice hot/cold bags so I bought two - two packs of chicken in each so I would be balanced walking back home. The farther along I got the heavier the chicken got and the more I was sweating - and it was on about 65 degrees out. I was about a half mile from home when a neighbor stopping and asked if I wanted a ride. Thanks goodness! I would have made it but I was getting tired carring 24 pound of chicken! On Saturday I walked to the Sherwin Williams store to see if they had my favorite tape I use for taping down quilt backs.
It was 30% off so I bought two rolls. I then walked about a half mile to a furniture store that was having a sale to check it out, and then circled to the library to pick up my DVDs and use the computer for a few minutes. The walk was 4 miles and took about 2 hours out of the day. Then I had to sit down, rest a bit, and get something to eat. Sunday I stayed home, but took time out to make yogurt, mow the grass, do some laundry, and cook some chicken. This morning I rode/walked the bicycle to work. There is a long drag in the middle of the ride and I knew it was just too much for me to try. I haven't been on my bike riding outside for two years. I walked over a mile in the middle of my trip this morning up that long uphill drag. Once I got to the top of the crest, it was downhill a half mile to work. The milege is about 3.5 miles and it took me 50 minutes. Right now I am very slow, but I had planned on going slow and left the house at 6:05 a.m. so I could just take my time. I will be getting my car back on Wednesday so it will be a fun couple of days! I am just glad my car broke while I was in town and not out on the highway or out of town. I will be going to work at the quilt shop in Charm in a few weeks so I am glad this happened now.


Vicki W said...

Well, that's one way to get your exercise!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, you are so lucky to be able to live in a place where everything is so close. We ride to grab lunch and to get an ice cream at McD's (sort of a wash of calories there), but the rest of the stuff is too far away or too dangerous.