Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little quilting and a little organizing

I wasn't that eager last evening to do much, but I did do a little quilting. I did not get all of the green and blue striped areas quilted. I will finish them tonight after I watch the season premier of Southland I taped last night.

I have been doing a little organizing and I decided to use this over the door rack (I got on closeout at Home Depot) in my studio for my TO DO items. Right now I just started hanging things. I must have TO DO stuff in four different rooms! So far I have 5 quilt tops, a pair of pants to hem, and a suit to alter for a neighbor. Now I know there is more stuff to hang here so don't think that I am some superwoman and that is all I have on my list! I will keep adding my TO DO items rack as I find them and hopefully get them done since they now will be in my sight all the time. The out of sight out of mind method is not working - I need to get this stuff done. I also hung the binding I have cut so I will be able to find it when I get the quilts quilted.

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