Monday, May 4, 2015

Working at Miller's

I spent Friday and Saturday working at Miller's Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio for their 50th anniversary sale. The sale had started on Wednesday this year to try and spread out the crowds over 4 days rather than just having the normal two day sale. Almost everything was 30% off. The ladies told me that they were extremely busy on Wednesday and Thursday because the customers wanted to not miss out on anything later on in the week. One of the ladies told me that my name got mentioned on Wednesday. "Where is Patty?" was asked. They were busy and thought I should have been there to help! LOL! I had asked the owner several weeks ago if they needed me Wed. - Sat., but I was told Fri. and Sat. only so that was fine. I just thought it was cool that the ladies were thinking of me! The shop was giving away this bag to the customers.

I didn't have anything in particular in mind to buy except for backing so most of what I picked up was a stash item except for one. In the bargain basement I saw these lovely stripes for 30% off $6.00 at yard

and this fun text fabric

this 54" wide 100% cotton Ty Penington decorator weight fabric for $5.00 at yard at 30% off! I am going to use this to make a new pressing pad

My old pressing pad will not lay flat. I got some heavy duty heat and bond to bond the layers together when I make my new pad to see if that will deep the layers from shifting. I also bought some ironing board fabric, new gloves to wear when I free motion machine quilt, a remnant of music fabric, and purple fabric for binding on a quilt.

5 1/3 yards quilt backing to clean off a bolt

I also picked up these African batiks. I met my friend Peg on my way back home and gave her a half yard of each of these pieces. She loved then.

The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed working with all the ladies. The owner already asked me to work Charm Days in October and of course I said yes! I did have to call the shop this morning, because I forgot my camera. They are going to mail it to me. I had a couple pictures of the shop which I will share once I get the camera.

Sunday was hard though because I didn't have anyone to talk to after two days of non-stop interaction! I spent time on Sunday washing and ironing my fabric and working on the t-shirt quilt. While I was away the last t-shirt had showed up in the mail.

Tomorrow I will post the progress I made on the t-shirt quilt.

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