Monday, July 14, 2014

Where are all my basting pins?

I started pin basting the drum quilt on Friday evening and ran out of pins before I was done. My pin buckets were empty.

On Saturday I decided to machine quilt the ocean quilt so I would have more pins for the drum quilt. I first quilted the beach and took those pins and pinned the drum quilt, but I still needed more safety pins. I then finished quilting the jungle part of the quilt on Sunday morning while I watched the TdF.. It still wasn't enough safety pins.

So now what? I went to look for any quilts that I had pin basted. I found three. So I took out some of the pins at the edges that hold the batting and the backing so the backing doesn't get folded underneath as easy. I also searched around the floor and the area beside my machine where I keep tools and thread for any safety pins that might be hanging around.

I still needed to pin baste the border on one side.

I managed to come up with just enough pins to pin baste the border.

I wanted to at least get started on quilting the drum quilt and I managed to get two blocks quilted plus a little bit of the border. These blocks finished at 14".

My pin bucket looks like this now.

I had bought about 10 bulk bags of safety pins from Home Sew, Inc. years ago. I had so many I told myself that if I ran out of pins I needed to quilt what I had pin basted and not just buy more pins. I may have to break that rule.

I am getting fewer and fewer Japanese Beetles on my zinnias. I didn't find any this morning and lately I have been finding only two or three on each visit. They are flowering. I have Green Envy and Candy Cane varieties.

My man, Peter Sagan, is still in the green sprint point leaders jersey. I was a rough couple of days as the riders had two hilly stages with intermittent rain.

This is a terrible picture, but you can see Peter is rockin' bandages on his elbow and knee from a crash on Stage 6.

Between quilting sessions yesterday I made oatmeal raisin and French butter cookies for the gig tonight.

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Vicki W said...

Wow, you must have a lot of quilts basted.