Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The sewing machine is running at full speed

Monday night was Michael's concert. It was only a half mile up the road from where I work. I got there about 4:30 to help set up. Lots of people showed up, but it began to rain with the sun still shining about half way thru the first hour of the show. We lost about half the crowd.

The crowd that stayed was treated to a great show and the band did a fantastic job. My job is handling the merchandise sales and we sold some CD's, t-shirts, guitar pics, and one vinyl album.

We started to load out at about 9:15 and it started to rain about 9:30. It just poured! We had a couple of tents up so we gather the equipment under those until my brother could move the trailer into position to load. What a mess!

Tuesday I had to run errands all morning and in the afternoon I quilted one block on the drum quilt
before I needed to start working on a vest for Michael. It was hard to sew because I was so tired. I only have to sew the shoulders, topstitch, and make and sew on the fringe.

I realized that I should have interfaced the fabric for the vest as it is not very heavy. It looks like suede, but it is on the thin side. I talked to my SIL and told her I was ordering interfacing for the next vests I need to make. I called the company last night, ordered the interfacing, and it should arrive on Friday. I have four more vests to make asap.

The this morning I open my email and there was an email from my brother who is out on the road. The Crows want more covers! One of them needs hook and loop on it so I called WBC Industries where I can get their brand of hook and loop in colors for the best prices. They said they would ship it out right away this morning and I should get it by Friday. Here is a drawing for the cover that needs hook and loop. There are three other covers that need made besides this one.

So between making vests and covers I need to find time to go to work! LOL!! No quilting the rest of this week!

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