Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sewing for a band

I needed to buy some clear vinyl and remake two small covers for my brother touring with the Counting Crows.
The equipment that needed different covers are this pedal

and this pedal control board. So while I watched the TdF I sewed last evening.

The first ones looked like this

They now look like this

I even reinforced the corners

The weeds -

Here is what my brother's yard looked like after I had already pulled some of those tall weeds that ran all the way along the fence and driveway
and the back yard where those tall weeds were all the way up to the sidewalk. I had pulled them before I got a picture on Thursday while I was waiting for the gas company to come.

I pulled and bagged weeds for over two hours Saturday evening until I was getting bit by mosquitos and it was getting dark. These pictures are dark even with the camera flash, but you can see the majority of the weeds are gone.

Before I went to my brother's house I decided to clean up the back bed at my house a bit and dig up some stuff to plant in his yard. I wanted to dig up some lilly of the valley which is taking over, but I didn't get that far. I did dig up all the hosta I found - the deer just eat them so I might as well take them to his house - and I dug up a few cora bells.

He has got a pine tree that has begun to lean. The neighbor who mows the grass was out and showed it to me. The root ball is starting to lift so that tree has to be removed.

I called a couple of tree places yesterday and hopefully the tree stays in place until they can cut it down. If it would fall it would be a mess. The tree would take out the electric line for the street lights, fall across a main four lane road, and heaven forbid hit a car.

My back bed looked like this

and now it looks like this

I didn't get the front bed weeded, but when I went out to see how the zinnias were doing I found these bugs all over my plants

I will be buying a Japanese Beetle trap today.

Two pictures from the tour and the fun people have. A farmer dyed his sheep yellow!

And a family painted their house with red polka dots! The red dots are for the jersey for the most mountain points.


QuiltSwissy said...

Your brother's house looks great and you got a lot of exercise! Great job!

Love the sheep! WhenI had the Swissys we woule herd sheep a few times a year. One of the things they were bred for. We would have loved to herd yellow sheep!

Exuberant Color said...

If you put out a beetle trap you will attract all of the beetles in the neighborhood. You are better off spraying.