Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How do you know when your stash is large?

When one of your quilting friends wants to swap some fabric since she knows she will find what she needs in your stash! That occurred last evening. Joanna had 2 yards of music fabric that just wasn't going to work for the back of a small quilt she was making. We searched the stash and found three possibilities. J's choice was some Moda grunge. Here are the swapped fabrics.

Shortly after Joanna left another quilting friend, Stephanie, arrived. She had a quilt she was asked to quilt and needed to bounce around some ideas. I love this quilt! The colors just dance across it! After she fixes the parts that are coming apart, she will come back over and we will pin baste it on my big table. I will get a picture of the whole quilt then.

Stephanie also gave me some scraps she didn't want. They were mostly Xmas scraps. My friend Peg uses a lot of small pieces so they will be passed to her.

After my company left I had to get watching the Tour. In the first two miles last year's winner, Chris Froome, touched the wheel of the rider in front of him and hit the floor. He jumped up quickly, but had torn his skin suit in several places which of course means he had road rash. Here you can see his hip

He found his way to the doctor's car for some attention. You are allowed to hold on to the doctor's car while they patch you up. She cleaned up his hip and now is working on his shoulder.

Here she is bandaging his knee after she fixed up his right hand.

All done and now Froome can continue.

If you don't finish that day's stage you are out of the tour. I have seen some very injured fellows keep riding until the day after day grind wears then down or they eventually start to feel better. Sometimes the only injury that keeps a rider from getting back on his bike is a broken bone, but then I have seen some compete even with a fracture. These guys are tough! The starting point for yesterday's stage was on the west coast of France and the beach was so beautiful! It was wide and just went on for miles. I need to put visiting Le Touquet-Paris-Parquet on my list!

I did some research and figure the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of the Japanese beetles is to go out early in the morning and late in the evening and knock them off the zinnias into a bucket of water with borax. So that is what I did this morning. Look how many I have and the damage they have caused. The zinnias will continue to grow and as long as I keep after the beetles for the next few weeks until their season is over. The beetles started gathering together like they were trying to save themselves from drowning.

I have to take off work this afternoon because the crew is coming to take the tree down - yeah! This will be a big worry off my shoulders!

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