Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fabric I love

I have been collecting Halloween fabric for two quilts for months. One needs to be made with purple and pink and the other orange and green. Let's just say there is not much pink Halloween fabric, but then I found Alexander Henry Ghastlies fabric in mauve! I found some on ebay and bought half yard pieces. The shop I bought it from made a mistake and sent me the far right piece in white instead of mauve. She put the correct piece in the mail yesterday so it should arrive tomorrow.

There is another piece in an etsy shop that the lady is putting a custom listing together so I only have to buy a half yard instead of a whole yard. After all I only need a FQ so I already will have leftovers.

Now the fabric I love is the Alexander Henry spiderweb fabric. I bought the natural, mauve, and light gray. If had more money than I knew what to do with I would buy at bolt of each color (it also comes in white and smoke)just so I would have it to look at.

I spent last evening watching the Tony awards that I had taped, cut the paintable wallpaper into pieces for the studio walls
moved my spices to a different cupboard and filled and labeled the new bottles I bought with spices that were in containers from the bulk food store

and did a few household tasks that I didn't do this past weekend because I was too busy painting. Tonight I am going to start installing the wallpaper. I looked around my studio and there is no reason I shouldn't be able to get the majority of this room finished next weekend. That will be a fast room redo for me! It usually take me weeks and weeks!

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