Friday, June 27, 2014

Cover done

With sewing before work, at lunchtime, and after work yesterday I managed to get the fourth equipment cover done. I forgot my camera battery at work, so my sister-in-law took a couple of photos for me. I handed off the covers to my brother last night at the art museum. I was there to pour beer.

The cover was for this slide guitar

He will now have a nice fitted padded cover instead of using a towel.

Now I have to find some clear vinyl I can sew on my machine. My brother wants some small cover for the pedal control panels with a clear top so the musicians can see lights and switches. The search goes on!

Have a great weekend! I have to mow my grass tonight - it is so long, but it has either been raining or I haven't been home in the evening to mow it. I need to get my ocean top done, pin basted and get to quilting it. I can see another busy weekend ahead!

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