Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A few more blocks made

I was tired last evening and managed to get only a few more blocks done on the first of three Halloween quilts. The orange blocks are so fun!

I received my fabric yesterday via UPS for the curtains for the studio and for Peg's room. I bought blackout lining also. The dandelion fabric will be for Peg's room.

Today I have 20 yards of car cover fabric coming so I can make an amp cover for my brother. If he sends me the picture today I can work on it tonight. I need to have it done by Friday morning so I can give it to someone to take it to Pittsburgh where the Counting Crows will be playing.

Mouse report: Last night the little boogers ate an entire package of poison so there has to be more than one of them. They avoided the sticky traps. I will have to pick up more poison for tonight.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Love love love that dandelion fabric. (If I buy more fabric all this year I will have to buy a new house to put it all in!)

Funny how the mice are so hardy. and smart.