Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Next on the list

I spent some time working on my samples for my workshop on the 22nd. I found some pieces and parts from previous demonstrations, and I took some new pictures that are a bit better in quality for the workbook I will be putting together for the students. I found out I have four students right now. YEAH! With a small number I will be able to give a lot of individual attention. There is still time for signing up so I could get a few more students.

There was one more sample quilt I wanted to make and that is making units/blocks with random with stripes, but I cut everything with a ruler so all my seams are straight. This will be a way for my students to visually see the difference in the look of a quilt - straight lines vs. improv lines. I will be interested in getting their feedback. I have a few blocks cut and sitting at the sewing machine ready to be sewn together. I only have 11 days so I had better get crack-a-lackin' on this!

I also found a 18" square batting covered board that was my mom's. I forgot I had it and I will be taking it with me to the workshop so I can stick pieces on it and hold it up to show what I am doing. Then again, if I only have four students I will have them gather around and watch me demonstrate the different techniques.

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