Monday, February 10, 2014

4th finish of 2014 and more snow

Here is my 4th finish.

I put the same fabric on the back as the last one. I got this Jane Sassaman fabric really cheap years ago and I think it makes a beautiful backing. I still have more, but I am going to miss not having it when it is all used up.

Here are both quilts together. I made these to compare several things. First was to compare making thick and thin striped blocks vs. making blocks where the stripes were closer in size. Next was to piece the four strip sets together by using a ruler and cutting a straight edge (the piece on the right) vs. free cutting the length of the strip sets. Lastly for the edges of the quilts - on the right quilt I squared up the quilt using rulers, but the one on the left I trimmed it free hand. I am getting pretty good at free cutting fairly straight which is good in some ways, but I am finding I have to make a mental effort to make my free cutting not straight!

We got 3 more inches of snow yesterday. I bundled up and when outside to shovel about 5:30 last evening and I have to start shoveling up. Here is the pile at the end of the driveway. I put the shovel in the picture so you can see the piles are starting to get tall. I know they are not as tall as a lot of places, but for here this is a pretty big mound. It is now 3 degrees and it is suppose to be very cold again this week.

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Vicki W said...

They are both really cute!