Thursday, January 23, 2014

Workshop samples

I want to play around and make up some baby quilt sized quilt samples for my workshop in February. Even if no one signs up for the workshop at least I will have the quilts for my lecture in April. I want to use up some of the fabric in my stash and I have a nice collection of this soft pink fabric. Pair it with white and I think it is pretty. My goal with this exercise besides showing my double cut technique, is that I am going to make two similar quilts. When I sew the blocks together I will use a ruler to straighten the rows of blocks on one quilt and on the other I will improv the pieces together. I think it will be an interesting comparison to see what the finish product looks like. Here are the blocks on the design wall that I have sewn together so far.

I have four more blocks to make. Here are two laid out and ready to sew with the stack of pieces for the last block. I like the text fabric!

This morning I got up early and did my grocery shopping before work. It is 10 degrees and lightly snowing here. Right now I would say we got a heavy dusting of snow. Here is a shot of our parking lot.

Have a productive day and stay warm unless you are on the west coast then you stay cool!


DanaJ said...

That's a great idea to show the 2 styles, using the same fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing the difference.

QuiltSwissy said...

I wish I could sign up for your workshop!